Monument Rivals. version 0.8.2

Update alpha 0.8.2 is here.

last time I got ton of feedback from you when playing this game.
a lot of feedback that i got was.
-there was not enough interaction in game.
-game plays to slow.
-not knowing what happen on screen.
-not know what the goal of the game is.

most of these are fix now. and they ready to test out.
here is also a list what has been added in these last 6 weeks.
-You can now build your monument in the build menu.
-Added some player feedback and in game tutorial.
-Bonus cards.
-New way to collect resources.
-Easier to choose who want to sabotage
-you can see in the build menu what how much you have to collect to win the game.

this is a lot and I hope that you going to like these changes.
feedback is always welcome to me. because feedback can improve the game.

Happy Rivaling,



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30 days ago

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