Monument Rivals 0.7 Alpha Update.

New Update is around the corner.

so what have i do these last 2 weeks. for staters a lot has change in the Art and some of the gameplay and UI.

so what has been updated in art. -a lot of the Monuments got textures.  and the Eiffel tower got and mesh update   -

we got the new Monument the Big Ben.

some of the board images have change the Bomb is how you get sabotage cards. steel,stone and wood are collectable resources. as shown in the video as the board layout.

and I am now busy with some new buildings that you will along side the road.

So what have Change to the gameplay.

-not a lot yet but the player can now collect more types of resources. later I will change the gameplay even futher so that player has to collect an curtain amount of resources to build a part of his Monument. -the player can win the game now but I am still busy with the Result Tab of the game therefore the player will see only an GameOver Screen. you still have to got back by the Go back to Main Menu to start a new game. the player still have to end on the green square in orde to build a part of his monument but that will change later.

UI. -the main menu is now simpler and better to watch at. in game the player who turn it is can only see his resources. later i will make something that you can see what other player have so you can use the trade mechanics. -new buttons are still be made.

so that was all for this week if you want to test my game you can find a link down under.

The link to the page.

you can also follow me on twitter and facebook. Twitter. facebook.

Greetings. DragonGino.


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97 days ago

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