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Monument Rivals.

Monument Rivals is a board game that you have to finish your monument before you opponent does.

the basic idea of this game is to build and finish your monument before your opponent does. collect stone and use to build your monument and sabotage your opponent . but remember the first one that finish his monument wins.

this game is now in early alpha and still needs some work. you can win but the game will not end for now.

the colors represent the different things.
red is Sabotage, blue you gain 1 stone, green you can build 1 part of your monument for 3 stone, yellow is a resting place and brown you get the option to destroy somebody else his monument. later in development the spots gets more visuals what the represent.

this game has only 2 player action later it will be more but want to finish the core first. 

the game is alpha and there will be bugs in the game. if you notice one or see one please report it thank you.

how to play.use the mouse for the buttons that pop up or press the exit.

version 0.5 is here.

[new] new Board outlook instead of a monopoly board I use a hexagon board as new outlook.

[Fix] fix some major bugs.

[new]Dice rolling(YES).

Install instructions

you only need to unpacked the game for playing.


version 0.5.rar 16 MB

Development log